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It all goes back 167 years ago to 1852, when N.B. and Mary Grover first settled on our farm and, like their ancestors in New England, planted apple trees. Two generations later, Henry and Evelyn Grover thought the growing orchard business needed a more formal name. With our farm being right on the migratory bird path due to its proximity to the Mississippi River, many ‘winged’ guests found a ‘haven’ in the apple trees. So, the name Winghaven Orchards was chosen. Though we no longer commercially grow apples (our next door neighbors, Ferguson’s Orchards, do an incredible job of that), the now 5th generation of the Grover Family is proud to honor our ancestors by using the name Winghaven Pizza Farm! Come visit us to add yourself to the history of the farm.


Meet The Team

greg roskos - Owner

Greg isn't a Grover, but his roots do run deep in this area, having grown up on his family's farm just north near Arcadia, WI. Winghaven Pizza Farm started as a way for him to express his passion for high-quality cooking which he discovered while helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen growing up. Their memories live on through his recipes and through the family-focused dining experience offered at Winghaven. Greg also takes pride in sourcing and offering a wide variety of local beer, wine, and food options, which supports important small business culture around the coulee region.

Rob Grover - Owner

Rob is the 5th generation to live on the land where Winghaven Pizza Farm is today. He is passionate about rural Wisconsin and is proud to call this area home. He deeply enjoys local history and being involved in his community in any way he can. When not at Winghaven, he works as Trempealeau County’s Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator. Most nights, Rob works as the restaurant greeter, so he can’t wait to see you at Winghaven Pizza Farm.

sarah grover - general manager

Sarah, along with Rob, is part of the 5th generation to live on the family farm. She is passionate about cooking and baking, and is the creator of our new Caramel Apple dessert pizza which showcases her Grandma's famous apple crumble recipe. When she isn't at Winghaven making pizzas, you can find her spending time in the woods or trying out new dessert recipes. She looks forward to seeing you at the farm. 

pam grover - Event coordinator

Pam is married to Steve, one of the 4th generation Grovers. She is the mother of Sarah and stepmother of Rob. If you would like to schedule a private event at Winghaven Pizza Farm, she is your contact. She also bartends. The flower beds and lawn at Winghaven are her passion and past time. She also enjoys pontoon time on the Mississippi River and traveling.


Greg Roskos



Rob Grover



Sarah Grover

-General Manager-


Pam Grover

-Event Coordinator-

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